Sunday, August 23, 2009

Feeling Alive Again

I was sick and in bed for the last two days. It was absolutely horrible. I ached everywhere and could not get comfortable and almost passed out twice. Friday night was so miserable and I had the worst headache that I could not get rid of. We have quite the extensive array of pain medication at our house from 8 months of Derek dealing with a kidney stone, so I tried one of those and that did not even work. Sometime during the night on Friday I convinced myself that I had a brain tumor, crazy I know. So, we were at the urgent care when it opened on Saturday since I was so uncomfortable. The doctor checked me out and was pretty confident that I only had a virus and not a brain tumor. He prescribed me some pain medication to make the headache go away and told me it could last for 7-14 days and to get a lot of rest. Are you kidding me? We already had that pain medication at home as well, so I did not have to get that filled. A combination of Advil and the new pain medication did take the headache away and allowed me to sleep most of Saturday. Praise the Lord I woke up this morning feeling much better. I went to church and took a little nap this afternoon and did some laundry, but otherwise took it pretty easy.
I must say that Derek was wonderful while I was sick. He took care of me and brought me whatever I needed when I called for him. He took care of all the things around the house and the kids, which is not a simple task. He took Ethan and Aubrey to her open house at preschool (I was sad to miss that) and took Ethan with him to church last night. I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband!
Tomorrow, Ethan starts First Grade. We are very thankful again this year for a wonderful teacher for him. His teacher is Mr. Menard who taught 3rd grade last year and was the teacher of the year at the school. He moved down to first grade and we are thrilled to have him! It is rare to have a good male teacher in elementary school- so I am really excited for Ethan this year. I will post pictures tomorrow of his first day.

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