Saturday, August 29, 2009

School BBQ

Today the PTO at Ethan's school put on a free BBQ. I must say that the event was very well planned, they had plenty of food and the kids all seemed to be having a great time. Aubrey really liked the bounce house, which is new for her. She usually wants to go, but then once inside she gets scared and wants to come out. Not this time, she just bounced away!

While I was at the bounce house, Derek and Ethan headed over to the football throwing game. They came back with an ice pack and quite a story. While Ethan was throwing at the football game, someone from the nearby baseball game hit at ball and it went sideways and whacked Ethan right in the side of the knee. Derek said it was pretty hard and it left a good mark. What are the odds of that happening?
Aubrey blowing bubbles. This was the Kindergarten station, so we got to hang out for a little with Mrs. Ramage, Ethan's teacher from last year.
Face painting - always a favorite. Ethan got a football and Aubrey a smiley face. It was so hot though, they smeared pretty quickly.

They were doing the kids cake walk. Ethan won some mini brownies. Can you tell that is was hot out?
We then headed over to the church and the new light bulbs that Derek and Barry installed earlier this week were a bad batch and already burnt out. I helped Derek put up the scaffolding so that they could be changed. This was a first for me and scaffolding is some crazy stuff. Derek and I also worked really well together. Usually home improvement projects or this sort of thing do not usually bring out the best in us. Derek says I do not think like a guy. That translates to I do not move the correct way or the correct speed that he is thinking in his mind. This must be a test to almost 8 years of being married, because we worked very well together today!

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