Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aubrey's Swim Lessons

Aubrey is taking swimming lessons at a local pool. When I signed her up I knew that we could not make the final lesson because we would be out of town. I never should have signed her up for evening lessons in Fl in the summer. We have had a big problem with delays and cancellations due to thunder and lightning. It has ended up where we have been at the pool almost every evening for the last two weeks due to make up lessons. Anyway, she is enjoying it and doing quite well.
Class is just starting. She changed teachers because the class was too big so they split it up. The first day her other teacher told her that you do not make friends at swim class and had to move her away from another girl. She is our little social butterfly. This teacher seems a little more laid back and fun so I am glad for the switch.

You can see how much she loves it by the grin on her face! When I was about her age and taking swim lessons my mom told me that the teacher would always have to tell me to close my mouth and stop smiling so I would not drink the water. Guess she takes after me.

Pushing off the wall and swimming to the teacher.

She has a good little kick
Poor thing needs her hair in a ponytail for swim lessons. Her hair kept getting in her face.
Swimming underwater with out the teacher holding her
She made it to the wall!
Swimming with the noodle is so much fun!

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