Sunday, June 6, 2010

Golden Corral

Nana and Papa said the kids could pick wherever they wanted to eat after church today. They chose Golden Corral. This is their favorite place to go and eat. Why??
The dessert bar! This was the sundae that Ethan made all by himself. We rarely order dessert at a restaurant, and at Golden Corral it is built into the buffet, so why would it not be a kid's favorite place to eat.
We went to the Daytona Flea Market and Nana got these shirts for the kids.
This was perfect for Aubrey since Papa used to work for the FBI. It stands for Fabulous Beautiful Intellegent
Aubrey wanted a picture with Aunt Joy.
This was on my bed when I came back from a run this morning.

The translation is "I need you to fix Aubrey's teddy bear. From Ethan" How cute is that.

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