Monday, July 19, 2010

Day Vacation

The youth band was playing at church this weekend, so Derek did not have to be at church on Saturday night until 6, when church started (usually he gets there about 3) We decided to take advantage of it and headed to Orlando on Friday for a little day vacation. We used our points on our Disney credit card and got a room at the New Orleans French Quarter Resort. We got there early and swam until our room was ready. We packed a lunch (saving money) and played more in the pool. The kids love to stay at hotels and swim. We ate dinner and took the water taxi over to Downtown Disney. The kids went swimming again that evening. Derek also went in with them because they wanted him to. I opted out and enjoyed reading my book by the pool instead.
Derek showing the kids how long he could hold his breath.
The water slide. They liked the one at the other pool better because it was faster, but they went down this one again for me so that I could take a picture.

They played and played in the pool. Aubrey is very confident now with her floaties on.

We saw these Buzz toys last time we were in Downtown Disney. Aubrey commented on how fat he was and I believe that lead Derek to calling him Mr. Fattyhead. That stuck and was a running little joke in our family, so when we saw them again this time I had to get a picture with him.
Before we headed out for dinner, Derek wanted to take some pictures of the kids. Good thing I had brought coordinating outfits for them. Derek doctored them up and they turned out really good, but it was not painless by any means. The kids did not seem in the mood, which in turn frustrated the photographer. Aubrey had some sort of reaction to all the clorine and her poor eyes were all red, but Derek did some photoshop magic on them.

Saturday we decided to go to Sea World with our passes since we were in Orlando. It was really hot though, so we only stayed for a couple of hours.

Yesterday we met Nana and Papa in SC and Ethan went back to NC with them. He is attending a science camp in the mornings right by their house. It is a space one and he gets to build a rocket. Derek, Aubrey and I are heading up on Thursday to pick him up and see him launch his rocket on Friday. Never a dull moment around here! We talked to Ethan today and he liked his first day at camp. Aubrey wanted to talk to him and what does she ask him but "what did you have for dinner?" Huh, I guess she figures you get to eat what you want at Nana and Papa's. She did not like the roast that we had and decided that she would not eat tonight. I guess that was still fresh on her mind when she talked to him. Ethan said she sounds cute on the phone.

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