Monday, July 5, 2010

Lake Day 4

Evan helping Ethan try to get up on skiis. He gave it a valiant effort and did not give up easily, but it just did not happen today. Maybe tomorrow.
Aubrey on the hot dog with Kelly and Keith
Big wave for the little girl, but she stayed on

Mike fishing with the kids
Adam and Ethan in their almost matching suits. Last year after we came up to the lake, Ethan saw the bathing suit in Target and just had to get it because it was like Adam's.
Ethan LOVES to be around the big boys and they are so good to include him.
Cousin Cameron came and Aubrey could not wait to play with him. I think she liked that she had someone younger than her. Here she is trying to help him into the pool. It resulted in a face plant into the water, which he did not care for too much.
He quickly recovered and they had a lot of fun playing in the pool. I love how they are looking at him and so happy that he came to play.

We celebrated Cameron's 2nd birthday. Unfortunately, Aubrey and I missed out on the celebration because we were at Urgent Care for about 3 hours tonight. The poor thing was complaining about her ear, so I thought she had an ear infection. With it being the holiday weekend, I could only find someplace to take her after 5pm. Aubrey has a severe case of swimmers ear. Sweet thing would not let us get near her ear and when the doctor had to look in it, it was all I could do to hold her down. I do not think I have ever had her scream so badly. Three medicines later we made it back to say goodnight to everyone. She was told to not swim for 7-10 days, which is sort of a problem since we are at the lake until Friday. I bought some ear plugs so that she can hopefully swim some and enjoy the rest of her stay. This is our first time battling swimmers ear. Much worse than and ear infection because it is more exterior than interior and the pain seems to be greater.
Ethan and Keith showing off a fish they caught tonight. Today was a successful fishing day as I lost count of the number of fish that were caught.

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