Sunday, April 27, 2008

Date with Ethan

Tonight Ethan and I went on a date to a fair one of the churches was having. I saw the Ferris Wheel lit up last night on our way home from church and thought it looked like fun. We were in luck, the fair lasted until today. We were back home within an hour. Unfortunately, it was very expensive and we went through the money we brought very quickly. Ethan had a good time though.

Ethan driving the semi.
Our picture in front of the ferris wheel. We did not get to ride it because it was $5 each and that would have been most of our money.
Sack races on the slide.

The ever popular Merry Go Round.

We did not have enough left to ride another ride so Ethan got a chocolate covered apple with sprinkles.
This way my favorite part. I had to take a picture or Derek would not have believed me. Selling Beer at a church festival. I have seen it all!!

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