Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kind Heart

Last night on our way home from church Ethan stated that I was going to be very proud of him. He went on to tell me how he gave his mini Reces cup away to a kid. Ethan was about to eat it and the kid asked if he could have it. Ethan being the sweet spirit he is gave it to the kid. Ethan earned it for saying his Bible verse last night. Trying hard not to discourage him from being kind, I told him next time it was okay to tell the kid that he earned it and he wanted to eat it and that if he had another one he would share. I saw the child eating his own piece of candy earlier and told Ethan that. He than said that his friend lied to him because Ethan asked him if he already had one and the child said no. It was a tough call because I want him to get what he deserves, but also keep his kindness. So, I did what any decent mother would do. Today I bought him a large Reces cup at the store! I again told him that I loved his kindness, but it is okay next time to say that he wants to eat his piece of candy.

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Christy said...

I love this boy. :)