Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just an average day

I was cleaning out the kids closets today and removing the clothes that were too small. Aubrey came upon these items in Ethan's room and it was too cute to pass on a picture.

Ethan got his camera and took a picture of his sister as well. Joy was there too so it was a mini photo shoot.
We took a little shopping trip yesterday so that Ethan could spend his birthday money. He got another old Alvin and the Chipmunk DVD, a bubble wand, and new rocket (Bruster chewed the foam on his old one), a Dukes of Hazzard car that makes noises and a computer. He was one happy boy to pay for his treasures at the register. He is a good shopper - he had $4 left over.
Aubrey had her first cooking adventure this morning. She is so picky on food to eat in the morning. What she will eat one day she will not touch the next. Going on the fact that kids will eat it more if they help make it, I let her assist with making an egg this morning. Here she is stirring it. Of course she got some on her clothes and even more while she was eating it, but it worked - she ate the whole thing.

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