Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hilton Head Day 5

We had a little rain this morning so we played some games until the rain stopped and we could head out to the beach.

Aubrey was VERY excited to have her picture taken with Aunt Laura with their matching cover ups. You can see the sheer glee in her face.

Some family pictures on the beach. We have battled some sun for sure this week. I am on an antiboidic for a sinus infection from right before we came and it really seemed to do a number on me today in the sun. I will be wearing a t-shirt tomorrow to avoid anymore sun. Aubrey however, has a great tan going - lucky girl!

Derek and Ethan playing with his boogie board.

Daddy was around today so the sandcastle was much bigger and better. Ethan added a movie screen and seats in the middle and decorated with some shells. There was also a drawbridge made out of sticks. My camera decided to act up today, much to my frustration, so I did not get a very good picture. Thankfully, it decided to work properly back at the house. I will not be taking it to the beach tomorrow.

Aubrey wanted Aunt Laura and Uncle Will to build her a sandcastle as tall as her. She was very happy with the final creation.

Playing some more games back at the house this afternoon after some pool time.

Uncle Will's parents were in town for their 40th Anniversary so they came over for dinner tonight. Aubrey warmed up right away and was quite the little charmer tonight playing with Ms. Pam. She gave quite the concert of all her songs and played some Candyland. Here she is showing her all of her princess dolls.

Family shot

Ethan has been wanting a "boy" necklace for some time so tonight we took him shopping and found one.

Tonight we celebrated Laura's birthday at the end of the month with an ice cream cake from Coldstone. We are eating some yummy food. Good thing we are playing hard as well to work it all off!

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