Friday, June 19, 2009

Hilton Head Day 6

The week has come to a close and has gone by very quickly. We have had a very enjoyable time. Lots of fun in the sun and lots of laughs. Thanks to Kelly for the use of her computer so I could update my blog. We head back home tomorrow and I kick into VBS mode, as it starts on Monday.

Aunt Laura took this picture of Ethan flying his kite today.

Aubrey was so tired that she fell asleep on the beach today.

Ethan and Daddy playing in the pool.

All the fun caught up with Ethan too and he fell asleep this afternoon as well.

We went up to the lighthouse and it was about 200 degrees going up. The view was nice from the top and there was a spot you could stand and be on a web cam so we called Aunt Kelly (she stayed back at the house) and she could see us. Good times!

Laura, Will and Kelly joined us for dinner tonight at The Crazy Crab. There was a man outside singing and Ethan was showing us his dance moves while we waited.

Uncle Keith went for one last evening dip in the pool and we let Ethan join him. His bathing suits were all packed, so he went in he underwear and named himself "Underwear Boy."

Aunt Kelly and Aunt Laura entertained Aubrey while we packed by playing Hide and go Seek. Here they are hiding for Aunt Kelly. Uncle Will even got into the action and hid with her. The kids sure had a lot of fun playing and being entertained this week. Off to play one more game before we go to bed and close out our week of family fun.

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Christy said...

Heather--the kids are SO big!! And so cute. :) Miss you guys so much!