Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Crayon

Last night I decided innocently enough to put a load of laundry through before going to bed. Now, one would think that I would know better and check pockets by now, but I did not. Actually, Aubrey hardly has pockets as she wears dresses and skirts most of the time. I went to pull them out of the dryer last night around ten to fold them and I was horrified to find green spots everywhere. The culprit... this wretched little green crayon!!!!! I despise crayon at the moment.
First thing was to sort out what did not have any spots. Luckily, there were a few items. Then I got online and tried to figure out the best way to deal with my disaster. I found a site that said Spot Shot would work. Just my luck, we had a can. I sprayed and sprayed all those horrible little green dots, until I ran out. But wait, my luck gets better...we have another can. The spraying continues. Derek starts to complain about the fumes I have sprayed so much. Now, in my perfect little world, I think I did believe that these would go through the wash and in the morning everything would look new again. Was I upset this morning to find that nothing had really changed.

This is a small example of what is all over her clothes - green dots are everywhere!!

Not only did the clothes all have spots, but the dryer was a mess as well. I read that toothpaste will get the dryer clean. Over and hour later and some major elbow grease, the dryer was MUCH better.

Notice the nice little Ariel sticker that has been there for some time that I never took the time to remove until today.

My nice clean dryer. Now if I can only get her clothes clean. I have scrubbed and washed them so many times I have lost count. My hands now feel like sandpaper. I am making some progress and have saved a few of the outfits. We will see how this last washing goes. I ran into a friend at Walmart this morning as I was buying cleaning supplies and she summed up my day perfectly - "As parents, we have to do all the work for our kids mistakes." These are all the bandannas that the kids will wear for VBS in two weeks. I decided that they were a little too stiff, so I am going to wash all of them first. Derek thinks I am crazy, but only the best for our kids. This is what I had planned on doing today, along with the rest of our laundry. Sadly, only two loads of bandannas were done and the rest of the laundry will have to wait for tomorrow.


Momofgirls said...

I got crayon out of one of my daughters' skirts (post washing and drying) by ironing it with a towel under to "catch" the crayon...worked great!

That kind of stuff always happens when we have a million other things we need to do!!!

Chrystal said...

I would be sooo mad! Try soaking everything in oxy clean. That stuff has worked wonders around here! Good luck!

Jill said...

are you kidding me ... that is yet to come...

have you figured out how to get dry-erase marker out of brand new clothes, scarlett got a hold of the markers with her board the other day and ruined a dress...grrr