Sunday, December 6, 2009

Church Christmas Program

This weekend the kids at church performed "The Best Christmas Present Ever." It was the hardest one we have done in the three years we have been around and the kids did a super job!

One of the shirts that we ordered came really small and did not fit the child in the program so Aubrey got to have it. She was so excited to look like Mommy and Ethan on Saturday night. She even willingly wore jeans!
A shot of the whole cast.

Hand motions are great!

The younger kids left during one of the songs and dressed in nativity characters for when the Christmas story was told.

Ethan was Joseph the year and I had nothing to do with assigning his role:)
He kept looking so serious I finally got a smile out of him.We also told him it was okay to look at baby Jesus some.

This picture just makes me laugh because it looks like Mary is about to run away from Joseph with baby Jesus. She must have been scared by his serious expression!

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