Sunday, December 27, 2009

Character Breakfast

We ended our Christmas fun in Orlando by using some of our Disney credit card points to go to a character breakfast. The hotel it was at had a carousel made out of gingerbread. By the way, I think Ethan's shirt is totally cool. Derek picked it up for him at Target a while back, but the sleeves were too long, so this is the first time he wore it. Not sure what Aubrey is doing, maybe her ear itches.
Notice I am sporting another of my purple Christmas shirts. I really do like purple and it does come in many different shades, so I am good.
Last time we did this about 2 years ago, Aubrey did not like the characters at all. This time she loved them and was happy to give out hugs.

Ethan was totally into the autograph book thing.
So we enjoyed on non traditional Christmas and will be heading up to NC to stay with Nana and Papa for the week tomorrow after church. More fun to be had!

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