Monday, December 14, 2009

Fifth Disease

Ethan started with a cold last week and Saturday and Sunday his cheeks were red. They just seem be getting redder, but he feels fine other than a cough. I called our doctor and it is Fifth Disease. He is not contagious when he gets the rash and it should go away in a few days. The pictures do not really show how the degree of red. I kept him home from school today just because it looks so bad. I am planning on sending him tomorrow. Maybe I will put some makeup on him! Just kidding, I would not do that to him.

Aubrey looked really cute yesterday for church. This outfit is compliments of Aunt Kelly for Christmas. When Kelly bought the socks, she did not realize they came in sizes and bought the 8 and up size. The outfit had been on clearance, so they did not have any socks in Aubrey's size. We were sad because the socks make the outfit. So, I bought the plain socks in her size and took off the bows from the too big ones and sewed them on the plain ones. The things we will do to be cute!


Chrystal said...

I'm loving the socks! Poor Ethan, what do you do for fifth disease? At least it's not contagious!

Heather said...

You can't do anything. It has now moved down from his face onto his arms and they are itchy. I have been giving him Benadryl and putting on cream. At least he not feeling bad, he just looks bad.